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Concrete Retaining Walls

If your location has some rolling areas, hills, or slopes, your engineer may have already recommended that you have some retaining walls installed. Sloping areas are often unstable. You should not wait for a disaster or an erosion to happen before doing something. In many cases, prevention is often the key. Therefore, you should already talk to a concrete company in your area for concrete solutions for your retaining walls.

Sloping areas need lateral support so that they will not erode. This can be achieved by having a structure made of concrete built around it. However, concrete alone cannot do the job. It needs to be reinforced with other construction materials like steel bars and wood. Sometimes, it may even be appropriate to have some more stable soil reinforcements added to the area.

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No two retaining walls are the same. A lot would depend on the height of the slope. Moreover, the composition of the soil in the area will also be a significant factor. The water content of the ground may also play a role.

However, among the important determinants of success of the project are the methods of your chosen Oakland concrete contractor, as well as the skill of the engineers and laborers.

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