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More than two decades in the business is more than enough for us to prove that when it comes to your commercial concrete projects, we are your first choice among all Taylor concrete companies. When it comes to skills and expertise, there is no better contractor to turn to. We offer you our top of the line professional services no matter how big or small your commercial concrete projects are.

Apart from high-quality concrete work, you can also expect a flawless and hassle-free experience of working with us. We deliver professional services that will be a perfect fit for your plans, expectations, and budget. You can leave the job to us from start to finish since we offer one of the most comprehensive concrete service packages in town. From top-quality concrete work, excellent project management, and the right skills and expertise, your commercial projects


concrete-companies Oakland
Concrete companies Oakland

Different kinds of commercial properties will have different concrete service needs. This is why it important to choose a provider than can offer every service that you can possibly need. This will minimize any miscommunications and even extra costs of having multiple contractors for the same project.

Aside from concrete constructions services, you can also trust us with your maintenance and repair needs. To make sure we offer all kinds of services, here are some examples of the concrete solutions we offer you: Ramps, Curbs, Bridge Walls, Topping Slabs, Pathways and Footpaths, Bicycle Paths, and Heavy Access Driveways.

The other services that we offer include Parking Lots, Entrances, Picnic Areas, Shop Floors, Industrial Floors, Drainages, V-Drains, and Gully Pits. If you need something that was not mentioned here, feel free to contact us! We most likely offer the service you have in mind, although they may be under a different name.


Concrete companies Oakland

Setting up concrete work in commercial settings goes beyond concrete mixing and pouring. To keep things moving, the people in the office who handle the administrative jobs are always are always hard at work. This is part of our commitment in the service. Though these parts of the work are not as visible as the concrete output, these services make sure that you need not to worry about the planning and scheduling of your project since they are managed in good hands.

Various industries in our area require the assistance of a concrete contractor in Taylor. Whether you are in commercial and retail businesses, or more on the industrial field, the integrity and the quality of how your warehouse, office, or business center was made can influence how your business runs in the future. A good physical foundation, reliable flatwork, even paving, stable concrete flooring, loading docks, parking lots, and more can be parts of the foundation of a good business. 

We can give you a detail-oriented take on your property. In this way, we will also consider the needs for special access for wheelchair ramps, walkways, sidewalks, driveways, curbs, and many more.

We are your concrete company of choice in Taylor, if you want top of the line services at a good price. Call 313-766-2206 now!