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Why should you use concrete for your next construction project? Well why should you not when it offers so many advantages?

In many settings of construction endeavors, concrete is highly valued because it is a durable material that is suitable for almost any structure. This durability is also what makes it low maintenance. Repair is not commonly necessary unless you have used it for many years. Moreover, even if it is not inexpensive on its own, the long-term value that you will get from it makes it cost effective. Concrete is also made to last for a long time, both in residential and commercial applications.

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Concrete Residential Services

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Your dream home will likely need concrete. After all, it is among the best materials to use for any construction project, and residential settings are not exception. Aside from the house building itself which may need concrete poured wall, concrete foundations, and concrete floors, the structures in the periphery of the main home will also benefit so much from the practicality of concrete. These structures would include your driveways, patios, walkways, and if applicable, your retaining walls.

Concrete work is not simple. You will need the assistance of experts from an experience concrete contractor in Oakland. If experience and expertise is what you are looking for, there is no better company to turn to than ours. With over forty years in the service, we have provided more than satisfactory concrete services to numerous residential property owners in our area. Building from our humble beginnings in 1978, we have also helped build the dream homes of many citizens of Oakland.

When you watch skilled workers pouring concrete, you may think that this is simple and easy work. However, it is not. To make successful and stable structures, one needs more than basic knowledge and experience. Therefore, it is not advisable to try concrete work as DIY, even for your residential applications. It would be best if the concrete structure is prepared and planned very well. There is always room for mistakes in handling concrete, but having knowledgeable people handle the project means less risk for you.

If you have an upcoming residential concrete project, it would be best for you to hire a trusted and reputable concrete contractor in Oakland. We are among the companies who can guarantee you a hassle-free experience. From expert skills to smooth administrative work, we should be your number one choice. Call us at 510-619-2824 now!

Concrete Driveways

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Many Oakland residents drive their own cars to get to and from places on a day to day basis. If your drive your own, car, it would also be nice to have appropriate facilities for it right in your home. For example, you should have a place to park it. Aside from that, it would also be a good thing to have a proper driveway.

Driveways can be of various types. Most people try to cut on costs by having dirt and gravel driveways. However, this is not always a wise choice especially if your driveway is frequently used. The money that you would spend on its maintenance for the coming years may be more than what a proper concrete driveway would cost you. A concrete company in your area can provide you cost effective concrete driveway solutions.

Gravel is surely a lot cheaper to buy that having concrete poured for your driveway. However, gravel is easily worn, and frequent maintenance is needed. Moreover, gravel has an uneven surface which cannot be goo for any car on repeated use. Asphalt is another option for many. While it can provide an even surface, it still has a softer consistency than that of concrete.

Have an Oakland concrete company pave your driveway today. Call us at 510-619-2824.

Oakland concrete company
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Concrete Patios

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There are so many possibilities for you if you have some extra space beside your house. One of the best things that you can do is to have a proper patio constructed. A patio can be unique to your home. You can tailor it based on your preference for leisure and relaxation activities. Concrete is the best material to use, however you wish to design your house. Working with concrete for the construction of your patio will be difficult to accomplish on your own. Therefore, it would be a great decision to have a reliable Oakland concrete contractor help you with this project.

It would be best if your patio is well planned. This will make sure that it can accommodate the feature you want for it. For example, if you want it to be a suitable place where your friends can hang out when there are occasions, it should have ample flat space. On the other hand, if you are thinking of having a swimming pool or a hot tub to relax in, this must also be part of the planning.

Maintenance will hardly be an issue for your concrete patio. Call the best concrete company in Oakland today at 510-619-2824 and get started on your dream patio.

Concrete Pool and Surroundings

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Having a swimming pool constructed means adding an additional amenity to your home. This can be valuable in terms of giving you more options for recreation and leisure. Aside from that, if you are planning on putting your residential property on the market, having a swimming can increase its value. This is especially true of the pool is of high quality.

There is more than one kind of pool. The reasons why people prefer one over the other mostly relies on budget issues. However, if you want to have the best of the best, better get concrete for your pool project. commonly, a licensed professional concrete company in Oakland can have your swimming pool done in just three to six months.

The other type of materials used for pools are vinyl liners and fiberglass. In terms of durability and longevity, concrete has significantly better chances. Moreover, there are many options in terms of the design and dimension options for concrete swimming pools. For fiberglass and vinyl, the choices are often limited.

Aside from the pool itself, we can also help design the pool decks and surroundings. Stamping is one way of accomplishing this.

Have a concrete contractor from Oakland like us help you in your swimming pool needs. Call us at 510-619-2824 today!

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Concrete Sidewalks and Walkways

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Means of access will be very important for your home. Aside from your driveway, other structures are needed for pedestrian access these are usually in the form of sidewalks and walkways. No, they will not be the center of attention of your property. Rather, they will be at the periphery. But this does not mean that it’s okay to neglect the aesthetic considerations for them. If you want your sidewalks and walkways to be structurally sound and well designed, have an Oakland concrete contractor help you.

To make sure your sidewalks and walkways are safe to walk on, the planning must consider their structural design. On the surface, the sidewalks and walkways are not limited to being plain and flat. There are options to add texture to the by getting them stamped. You can have any pattern you want. Among the contractors in our area, we are among the few who can provide high quality stamped concrete in Oakland. Aside from that, we also offer many means of adding color to any concrete structure you have. You can have your concrete sidewalk or walkway stained, painted, or dyed.

If you need a concrete sidewalk or walkway today, there is no other company to turn to. Call us now at 510-619-2824.

Concrete Flooring

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There are so many materials to choose from for your flooring options. The selection can be quite overwhelming. Some of those that are popularly known include stone, tiles, wood, linoleum, marble, carpet, and concrete. Among these mentioned materials, nothing parallels concrete in terms of the concrete benefits it has for your flooring needs. Consult your local and trusted Oakland concrete contractor if you are considering availing of concrete flooring services.

If you will choose a tile or a carpet floor, you are limited to having whatever design you have already chosen. However, for concrete, you have more liberty in choosing your preferred colors, patterns, and even textures. Therefore, there are a lot of ways to make your concrete floor unique for your house. Even if your floor will not be the main attraction in your house, it would still be nice to put some effort on it so that it can go along with the rest of your interior design.

For the practical benefits, there is not a material that is more durable than concrete among the flooring options. We can guarantee that it can last for decades in great condition.

Consult with a concrete company in Oakland if you are interested in concrete flooring. Call 510-619-2824.

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Concrete Repair and Resurfacing

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Anything made from concrete is surely built to last. This is also applicable for your concrete driveway. Even when subjected to normal forces and wear and tear, your concrete driveway would have resistance to any considerable damage. However, this does not mean that your concrete driveway will be completely immune to changes like cracking, discolorations, uneven surfaces, scaling, and cracking. Many of these can happen when your driveway has been in service for many years. If you notice any of these in your concrete driveway, you many be in need of services for concrete repairs in Oakland.

There is usually more than one reason why concrete gets damaged. Often, it is in the preparation and pouring process. If the concrete was mixed incorrectly, you can expect cracks to appear earlier than expected. Moreover, constant exposure to adverse weather can also compromise the quality of the concrete.

Fortunately repairing is a simple way to get your concrete driveway looking good as new again. It will be best to have an expert from a licensed concrete company near you assess your driveway first. After proper evaluation, they can also give the recommendations on how to proceed with the repair and resurfacing.

Call us at 510-619-2824 for inquiries.

Stamped Concrete

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We often associate concrete with its any practical benefits like its durability and hardness. However, it is important for us not to forget that concrete is among those materials that can be both useful and beautiful at the same time.

Stamping concrete is a very simple yet elegant way of designing your concrete. This method makes sure that your pathways, pool decks, driveways, patios, courtyards, and retaining walls are not limited to being flat surfaces. With stamping, it is not possible to mimic the form and structure of many other non-concrete construction materials. Learn more about the options for you to design your concrete from your Oakland concrete company today!

With stamping, it is possible for your concrete to resemble other structures. The textures and patterns that can be used include those of stone, tiles, cobblestones, slate, wood, and many others. Therefore, concrete stamping allows you to get these styles and features without having to have them all installed. Imagine being able to have some flooring that looks like wood, yet you do not have to maintain them the way you would for wood.

Aside from the textures, stamping commonly comes with coloring also.

If you need a stamped concrete company in Oakland, contact us today at 510-619-2824!

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Concrete Staining

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The original color concrete is gray. Many people do not find this particularly attractive. Aside from being durable and practical, it will also be nice if your concrete looks good. One of the ways to do this is by adding color. Many options are available. This would include painting, dyeing, and staining. Staining is among our highly recommended processes. Have a contract contractor near you help you with this service.

Your concrete does not have to be stuck in its plain boring gray color. You can have the concrete floors and paths in your house match the rest of your property by adding subtle staining. Many shades are available. You can choose from browns, tans, greens, reds, pastels, and many others. Aside from the colors themselves, you can also add some patterns on the surface. Methods can be applied to produced marbling or swirls over the surface. This will add a subtle elegance to your home.

Concrete staining is a more economical option compared to having special flooring like hardwood installed. They can be more expensive. Apart from that, they will usually need more meticulous maintenance.

Get your concrete stained today. Call your Oakland concrete contractor at 510-619-2824 now!

Concrete Cutting and Polishing

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During the pouring, mixing, and placing of concrete, some excess material may be on the exposed surfaces. Good thing that these can be easily addressed by simple services like concrete cutting and polishing. Normally, these services are available easily from your known Oakland concrete companies.

Unlike in demolition, more accuracy and precision is needed in concrete cutting. This is because the goal is not just destroying the concrete. The concrete must be cut is such a way that it achieves the shape meant for it. Therefore, special materials and equipment are needed for it. If you cut too much, it will be hard to reverse it. So only trained workers must be tasked with this delicate work. Moreover, special tools and gadgets like saws and drills will be needed.

On the other hand, polishing is something that is done later on during the finishing phases of the project. This process employs materials like diamond grit as abrasives over the surface of the concrete. Usually, polishing is likened to sanding of wood which makes the surface even. At the end of the process, you should have a glossy appearing concrete surface. 

Contact us at 510-619-2824 if you need an Oakland concrete contractor.

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Concrete Pathways

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There are many reasons why adding a well-designed pathway will be a good thing for you home in general. While they can be very useful as a means of access into your house, proper aesthetic consideration can make them add much beauty to your home. Since adding a pathway made of concrete is usually a relatively small project, many people tend to think that they can DIY it. Do not make this terrible mistake! Discuss your options with a concrete company in your area who can help you build your concrete pathway.

It is important that the general appearance of the concrete pathway matches the rest of the house. If you have some modern concepts in your house, the same theme must be applied to your pathway. On the other hand, if your house has a more rustic and timeless look, a similarly styled concrete pathway will be the way to go.

A lot of designing can be done for concrete pathways. For example, you can have them stamped so that they mimic cobblestones or flagstones. Other than adding textures, having them colored is also an option.

Call your local reputable concrete contractor in Oakland today and have your pathway started! Call us at 510-619-2824.

Concrete house and Car Port Slabs

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It is very important to have stable ground beneath your house, as well as you parking space. For stability reasons, there is nothing better than concrete. installation of concrete house slabs and car port slabs is a basic service that can be readily rendered by your known local concrete company in Oakland.

Concrete house slabs for your home can give you maximum comfort. Aside from giving you stable ground to stand upon, they can also make your home cozier while also making you spend less on your energy costs. Concrete slabs have great thermal properties as well as insulation capabilities. This means that they are capable of storing heat within them when the sun is out during the day. On the other hand, their insulating properties make sure that the heat will not easily escape. This will reduce the energy that your heating systems would need to maintain the indoor temperatures.

Vehicles are heavy. This is why concrete slabs are great for car ports. They can adequately support all the weight of the car without being damaged. After years of use, some of the concrete may sink. Fortunately, this can be easily addressed and repaired by simple filling.

Call your concrete contractor in Oakland today. Dial 510-619-2824 now!

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Concrete Retaining Walls

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If your location has some rolling areas, hills, or slopes, your engineer may have already recommended that you have some retaining walls installed. Sloping areas are often unstable. You should not wait for a disaster or an erosion to happen before doing something. In many cases, prevention is often the key. Therefore, you should already talk to a concrete company in your area for concrete solutions for your retaining walls.

Sloping areas need lateral support so that they will not erode. This can be achieved by having a structure made of concrete built around it. However, concrete alone cannot do the job. It needs to be reinforced with other construction materials like steel bars and wood. Sometimes, it may even be appropriate to have some more stable soil reinforcements added to the area.

No two retaining walls are the same. A lot would depend on the height of the slope. Moreover, the composition of the soil in the area will also be a significant factor. The water content of the ground may also play a role.

However, among the important determinants of success of the project are the methods of your chosen Oakland concrete contractor, as well as the skill of the engineers and laborers.

For inquiries, call us at 510-619-2824.

Concrete Foundations

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The foundations of your home will be one of the most critical parts of your house, structurally speaking. These structures are essential to make sure the building is adequately supported by the ground below it. If your house will also be made of concrete, it will have a lot of weight. Therefore, the foundation should be able to hold this weight. Have the best concrete company near you help you get high quality foundations for you.

Usually, a larger structure would need a deeper foundation. This is based on physics and engineering principles. A tall and thin structure would have more torque and a higher of center of gravity compared to a shorter and wider structure. For most homes, the foundations used are classified as shallow. This is shallow in comparison with those used for skyscrapers with many floors.

A proper foundation provides great stability to the structure it is supporting. Ideally, it should be able to distribute the load of the house to the land under. It is also important that the foundation is strong enough to keep the house unaffected by natural disasters like floods and earthquakes.

Consult your choice concrete contractor in Oakland to help you with poured concrete for you home. Call us at 510-619-2824.

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Concrete Fire Pits

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Who would not appreciate a nearby fire on a cold December night or on a chilly September evening? Make your weekends more worthwhile by having your own unique fire pit right in your backyard. Aside from providing comfort, there is a sense of relaxation only the warmth of a real fire can provide. However, safety always becomes an issue for us when we are thinking of fires. Good thing, there is a remedy to this.

The safest way to enjoy your fire is by having you fire pit made with concrete. Concrete is among the types of materials known as fire retardants. Materials like concrete are not flammable. Rather, they also help contain the flames. If you want a nice and well-designed concrete fire pit, better have a concrete company in Oakland have manage it for you.

Aside from being safe concrete also allows you to have the freedom to make you fire pit in every possible shape and size. Moreover, there are many opportunities to design concrete. Aside from the shape and form, it can also be colored by various methods. Us, your number one Oakland concrete contractor also offers dyeing, painting, and staining for concrete.

Call us at 510-619-2824 now!

Frequent Asked Questions

Concrete and cement are different. Cement is produced from clay, limestone, and iron ore. This gives is a characteristic gray color. Cement is one of the many ingredients of concrete. Aside from cement, the other components of concrete are rock and sand. When mixed with water, all these ingredients will react to form the wet cement that we know. When it dries, this will now form the hard concrete which has a consistency comparable to that of rock. What is important to recognize here is that cement and concrete are not the same although they are often confused.

Yes, a lot of different kinds of concrete are available. Variants of concrete can be made simply by modifying its different components. Concrete mixes with different amounts of ingredients will also have different levels of strength, hardness, durability, and flexibility. What you will need will depend on what you will use the concrete for. Other special types of concrete are the eco-friendly ones which lets water freely through the concrete itself. If you want the strongest kind of concrete for your construction project, note that strength will not only rely on the mix proportions but also on the quality of mixing.

Most people will need a concrete contractor for their project. Unless you are a concrete contractor yourself, you will likely need external help from professionals. Handling concrete takes more than knowledge and skills. Among the important things about concrete work is experience and practice in the field. Moreover, many tools and equipment are used in every project that uses concrete. It might not be easy to have access to these kinds of equipment and let alone operate them properly in the absence of licensed and experienced professionals. Moreover, activities like excavation and subgrade preparation can almost never be done without a contractor.

No, it is not possible for concrete to set properly in the rain. We at the company are very particular with this. As contingency plan, we always make sure that we bring enough tarps to the site, enough to cover the area in case it unexpectedly pours. Water is one of the main components of concrete. However, it can neve be overemphasized that it should always be in proper amounts only and that it must be mixed properly with the rest of the ingredients. Additional and improperly mixed water from the rain can ruin the balance and proportions of the ingredients in the mix.

Yes, there are many ways to add color to concrete, and one of the most practical ways is painting. Due to the unique properties of concrete, special paint must be used if you want the paint to stick well. The paint that is especially designed to use on concrete is the elastomeric paint, also known as masonry paint. This paint has special components that make it suitable to use for concrete, a material that can periodically contract and expand. It is advisable to use classic roller instead of sprayer to apply them since, they have added chemicals which can block sprayer devices.

Concrete is tough and durable under ideal conditions. However, there are instances where concrete can crack. This is a common problem for concrete, although the severity may vary on a case-to-case basis. Many factors can cause the concrete to crack. A common mistake is adding too much water in the mix. Excess water can greatly expand the volume of the wet concrete. Hence, during the drying phase, more shrinkage will happen if the volume is expanded more than expected. The pulling forces involved in the shrinking would cause the concrete to break apart. This will often manifest as visible cracking.  

Allowing the concrete to cure is a very crucial part of every concrete project. It takes time for the concrete to gain strength. It is not advisable to drive your car on your concrete driveway within less than 10 days since pouring. The concrete in your driveway will typically gain about 90% of its expected strength with the first seven days after pouring. However, it will not be stable yet during this time. It will remain vulnerable to changes until about one month. Therefore, do not park your car on it during the first 30 days or so after pouring.

damages from everyday use, wear and tear, and spills. They are composed of special chemicals which may include polyurethane, epoxy, or penetrating resin. Those made with acrylic are suitable too. Most of these can easily be bought in hardware outlets. One application is enough to protect the floor for a couple of years. In terms of the frequency of use, it can be applied as infrequent as every 2-5 years. Therefore, applying concrete sealant is a very convenient and inexpensive way of prolonging the life of your concrete.

Yes, weather condition may possibly affect the concrete. This is especially true when it is still being poured and set. Weather can really affect concrete, especially the temperature. Some heat is needed in the mixing of the concrete. It cannot be too cold. High temperatures can affect the stability and the behavior of the concrete. Therefore, some problems may be faced when the ambient temperatures are exceedingly cold. For example, the concrete can lose much heat between mixing in pouring, such that it ends up prematurely freezing before it has properly solidified. This is why we need to be careful in pouring concrete during the winter.

Many materials can be used for driveways. Some people still use dirt and grave today. Asphalt and concrete are at the higher end of the spectrum. Between these two, concrete remains superior. Having to pay more for concrete also means getting more benefits and less hassle. Since asphalt is softer, it is more frequently and easily damaged. Therefore, more frequent repairs may be needed. This may be more expensive than just having concrete installed in the first place. On the average, a concrete driveway is also expected to last about 10 to 20 years more than an asphalt one would.

A lot of the qualities of your concrete will rely on the proper mix proportion and compositions of the concrete mix. In general, there are three major components of concrete: the cement, rock, and sand. The proportions are arranged by the parts needed for each type. A mix will be composed of seven parts. A standard mix will have a 4-2-1 composition. This is with four parts crushed rock, two parts of sand, and a single part for cement. This is applicable for many settings. If you want to improve your concrete’s compressive strength, you can increase the proportion of rock.

Yes, concrete is one hundred percent recyclable. Another good thing about this is that there are many opportunities to recycle concrete at any given point of its life cycle. Even the remnants produced from its manufacturing can be used to make some of the aggregate materials. At the end of its life in service, demolished and removed concrete can be recycled for new construction projects. They can used to make new buildings and structures, as well as aggregates and pavements. So, if you are looking for a material that has less impact on the environment, concrete will be a great choice.

People may feel that testing concrete during the early phases of construction is too much or unnecessary. However, it is very important. This is one way of making sure that any problems can be detected early, and therefore resolved before it gets any worse. Among the common tests done during the early phase are the slump test and the air content measurement. These are tests that can, in general, assess for the strength and risk of cracking. Good assessment using methods and tests like these can help guide the workers on what should be done to mitigate the anticipated problem

Stains are a common problem for concrete, especially in driveways. The main substances that can cause these stains are motor oil from vehicle leaks. Therefore, an appropriate substance to use should be something that can act on grease and oil. One of which is sodium triphosphate. You can easily buy these in hardware outlets or even in supermarkets. Simply place an adequate amount of the substance on the stained area, and let it soak for a while, about 30 minutes. After that, you can use a stiff brush to rub it off with warm water. Detergent can also be used.

Yes, concrete requires maintenance. However, this is usually very minimal. Concrete is among the lowest maintenance materials for construction since it does not need special protection against rotting or rusting. Some things that you can do to keep you concrete in good condition includes cleaning. Dirt can be removed with a hose or powerwasher. Stains can be removed by chemicals and a brush. For mechanical damages like cracks and chips, consult your concrete contractor about possible repair options. They can determine the kinds of repairs that must be done, and they can also decide if repair is not an option anymore.

The usual color of concrete is gray. This color mainly comes from its components which include rock, sand, and cement. Crushed rock and sand usually have a gray tone. Cement is gray because of its components. The main ingredient of cement is iron ore. This is a black substance. When this black substance is mixed with other powdery compounds, the black color is diluted into gray. This results to the gray concrete that we familiar with. Not a lot of people are happy with this gray color. Fortunately, concrete can be colored by various methods including staining, painting, and dyeing.

No, this is not how concrete gains strength. However, the gaining of strength by the concrete can be associated with the drying process. The main mechanism by which concrete gains strength is in the chemical reaction between the cement and the water known as hydration. With this process, crystals and compounds are formed within the concrete mix. This entraps the solid aggregates into the hydrated mixture. While water is present, the concrete can gain strength by this reaction. So, while the drying process has not been completed, the concrete continues gaining strength. Therefore, it is the hydration and not the drying that strengthens concrete.

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